SIG Rascal Airplane Kit
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SIG rascal
RC80 Kit

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Rascal 110 ARF

Sig EP49 ARF



The R/C Rascal is almost completely laser-cut, allowing you to assemble this airplane quickly and accurately. The unique wing structure, possible only with laser cutting technology, makes the beautiful and efficient elliptical wing planform really easy to build. The quality Sig balsa and plywood parts have been factory graded for proper weight and strength. Full-size plans leave nothing to the imagination and the complete, fully illustrated instruction manual takes you quickly through each step. Scale-like decals, a full-color instrument panel graphic and a beautiful set of molded wheel pants give the R/C Rascal that subtle look of Authenticity. This kit is literally fun to build!

Electric or Glow - it's your choice
The R/C Rascal is designed to be powered by either a geared Speed 400 electric motor or a .049 -.07 glow engine. The plans and instruction manual cover both installations in detail.!

Wingspan 49 in 1245 mm
Wing Area 324 in² 21 dm²
Power See Electric/Glow
Weight See Electric/Glow
Control 3-Channel (Rudder, Elevator, Throttle)

SIG Rascal Kit RC80

Rascal 110 ARF

Wingspan: 110 in. 2794 mm
Wing Area: 1522 sq. in. 98.2 dm²
Length: 75.75 in. 1924 mm
Flying Weight: 11 -13 lbs. 4990 - 5897 g
Wing Loading: 17 - 20 oz./sq.ft. 51-60 g/dm2
Glow Power: 2-Stroke 1.2 - 1.5 cu. in. (19.7 - 24.6 cc)
4-Stroke 1.2 - 1.8 cu. in. (19.7 - 29.5 cc)
Gas Power: 1.2 - 1.5 (19.7 - 24.6 cc)
Electric Power: 1600 watt (6320 - 250kv) Brushless Motor; 80A ESC; Lipo Battery Pack
Radio Required: 5-Channel with 7 Heavy-Duty Servos
Ailerons(2), Elevator(1), Rudder(1), Throttle(1), Flaps(2)


Sig Rascal 110 ARF Red RC84ARFR
Sig Rascal 110 ARF Blue RC84ARFB

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