Sig Clipped Wing Cub
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In 1969 Hazel Sig, President of Sig Mfg. Co., rebuilt a standard 1941 PIPER J-3 CUB for airshow flying. To increase the plane's aerobatic performance, 40” was clipped off each wing panel and the engine was reworked for greater horsepower. The result is a highly aerobatic Cub that is a real joy to fly! Smooth aileron rolls, snap rolls, immelmann turns, and many other rolling maneuvers which are difficult in a standard wing J-3, are easy with the Clipped Wing Cub. This 1/6-scale model inherits all of the delightful flight characteristics of Hazel's full-scale Clipped Wing Cub..

# Built-Up Balsa Construction
# Strong One-Piece Wing
# Die-Cut Parts
# Spruce Wing Struts
# Full-Size Plans # Molded ABS Plastic Engine Cowling
# Formed Wire Landing Gear
# Authentic Decals
# Illustrated Instruction Book

Wingspan 56 in 1422 mm
Wing Area 557 in² 36 dm²
Radio Required 4-Channel
.25 - .40 in³ (4 - 6.5 cm³) 2-Stroke
.40 - .45 in³ (6.5 - 7.3 cm³) 4-Stroke


SIG Clipped Wing Cub Kit RC26



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