SIG Four Star 64 EG Airplane Kit
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This new 4-STAR 64 EG ARF is a redesign of the original Four-Star 60 ARF, starting with the new name. The "64" in the name indicates the wingspan, which is more appropriate in today's R/C world than referring to the glow engine size. The "EG" means the airplane is designed for either Electric or Glow Power. The 4-STAR 64 EG flies well with a 2-stroke glow engine, a 4-stroke glow engine, or a brushless outrunner electric motor with a 3-4 cell lipo battery. It's your choice! Other important upgrades in the new 4-STAR 64 include:

Clipped wings! The 4-STAR 64 has had it's wing span clipped slightly, which improves the roll rate and overall maneuverability, with no loss of the original 4-STAR stability and slow flight characteristics. It still lands like a trainer!

All the control surfaces (ailerons, elevator, and rudder) have been enlarged for better control response at slow speeds.

Includes a new streamlined "Racing Style" Canopy. That's another change that many 4-Star pilots have been making on their own for many years. However, if you still prefer the traditional bubble shaped Four-Star canopy, you can still get that as an option. They both fit perfectly!

Other upgrades include a molded Fiberglass Cowling and a removable Hatch on top of the fuselage for quick access to the battery/tank compartment. Also the top of the fuselage between the canopy and the fin (the turtle deck) is now fully sheeted with balsa for smoother appearance and greater strength.

The 4-STAR 64 EG is a beautifully handcrafted all-wood ARF. This ARF is engineered for quick assembly with a minimal number of components. All the parts are CAD-drawn, laser cut, and jig assembled, so everything fits the way it should.
Professionally covered with premium UltraCote (aka Oracover ) polyester covering material. Available in yellow or red base colors with complete factory applied markings.

Wing Span: 64 in. 1625 mm
Wing Area: 847 in 2 54.6 dm 2
Length: 57 in. 1447 mm
7 - 8.25 lbs. 3175 - 3742 g
19 - 22 oz./ft 2 58 - 68 g/dm 2
Radio Req.: 4-Channel
with 5 Standard Servos (glow)
with 4 Standard Servos (electric)
The SIG 4-STAR 64 ARF is easy to fly and makes an ideal choice for your first low wing airplane. Intermediate and advanced flyers will love it's maneuverability and smooth flight characteristics.

2-Stroke .60-.75 in 3 10.0-12.3 cc
4-Stroke .60-.90 in 3 10.0-14.7 cc
1200-1700watt 300-400 kv
Brushless Motor
75A Speed Control (ESC)
4-6S 4500-5000mah
Lipo Battery Pack

SIG Four Star 64 eg RC73 Kit



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