Saito 4- Stoke Airplane Engines
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Saito Engines

Saito Cutaway

Saito Engines...the 4 stroke company!
When you decide to invest in a 4-stroke engine, you want it to last.

Saito engines have proven reliability. In fact, Saitos are the only 4-stroke backed by a full 3-year warranty on every engine in the line.

The Saito difference starts with the cylinder and the head. Whereas all other manufactureres join the cylinder head to the head with long bolts (because it is easier), Saito does it the right way. In one piece. Unlike the two piece system, a unitized cylinder and head simply can't lead. It can't distort when assembled or from operation. Because a one piece design transfers heat better and more evenly, Saitos run 200 degrees cooler than the competition. This only adds to the Saito longevity.

Another key feature is a true chrome ABC/AAC cylinder lining. Most of the competition use a less costly nickel plating. When used in conjuction with a ringed piston, as Saitos are, the result in a quality liner that's nearly impossible to wear out with conventional use!



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