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realflight 7.0 gmpz4500
Real Flight 7 with
Interlink Elite Mode 2


realflight 7.0 gmpz4504
Real flight 7 with


realflight 7.0 gmpz4510
Real Flight 7 with
Tactic TTX600

Learn to fly with RealFlight.

When it comes to learning and honing R/C flying skills, RF7 has no equal. RealPhysics T technology recreates the flying experience right down to the last detail, with aircraft and environmental factors exactly as they are in real life. After flying on RealFlight, you'll fly confidently and instinctively at the field. And features such as multi-level challenges will test your piloting abilities in game-like competitions that put real fun into your virtual flying!

Here's what you'll find in every edition of RF7

  • Over 90 planes to fly!
  • Over 30 helicopters!
  • More than 40 3D and
    PhotoFieldT flying sites!
  • RealPhysicsT
  • Training Aids
  • Virtual Flight Instructors
  • Training Challenges
  • Multiplayer
  • Reset/Rewind
  • Many types of aircraft
  • Combat events
  • TrueLifeT Terrain
  • First and third person views

Three RF7 editions to choose from.

Only RF7 offers 3 different editions of RealFlight simulation: one with the InterLink Elite controller, one with an actual Tactic TTX600 6-channel radio, and one with an Interface for use with your favorite transmitter. The same software comes in all three editions, so the physics, graphics and features that have made RealFlight #1 are all inclusive.

RF7 Interlink Elite Edition
The InterLink Elite is incredibly versatile, realistic and easy to use. Manufactured by Futaba, it offers digital trims, QuickSelect convenience that eliminates the mouse and keyboard for software functions - and with 8 channels at your disposal you have direct access to all RealFlight features, with no setup required. Because the controller is dedicated to RF7, you save wear and tear on your transmitter...and no batteries are required to keep the controller charged and ready. Fly with the InterLink Elite, fly with your transmitter using the built-in interface, or use the interface and InterLink simultaneously with the MultiMode feature.

RF7 Tactic Tx-R Radio Edition
What if you could learn to fly with a RealFlight simulator and then take the controller and fly real R/C planes? Now you can. The TTX600 SLT Radio included with the RealFlight software will fly every plane in RF7, plus any aircraft with an SLT receiver. You can hone your skills in RealFlight, unplug your radio and go straight to the flying field.

RF7 Transmitter Interface Edition
Even experienced pilots use RealFlight to keep learning and polishing skills when they can't be at the field. The RF7 Transmitter Interface Edition makes that practice even more valuable. With the included interface, you control the sim with the same R/C transmitter you take to the field! Plug the interface into your transmitter and your computer's USB port. A set-up window helps you quickly configure RealFlight to be controlled by the same radio you use to fly real models. You'll find one of RealFlight's most popular features, the "Reset/Rewind" button, on the interface unit. After a crash, push the Reset button to get right back into action. Or hold it down to go back to any point during your last flight for an instant do-over. RealFlight flies more like "real life" than any other R/C sim. Reach ever-greater levels of expertise using your favorite radio and this interface-equipped edition of the world's #1 R/C flight simulator!


Real Flight 7.0 with Interlink Elite Mode 2

Real Flight 7.0 with Interface

Real Flight 7.0 with Tactic TTX600



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